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Enterprise Mapping
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business architecture

Oconect Enterprise Maping - desiging a connected organization
Enterprise mapping

Our real-time enterprise mapping employs data-driven, automated relationship identification and connection to develop a busines architecture that's a always available.

Enterprise Wide Visibility | OConect
enterprise wide visibility

You can’t fix what you can’t see!
OConect SaaS solution sparks a revolution in “end-to-end enterprise visibility” by connecting business to their organisational data.

removing enterprise blindspots to improve decision making
eliminating blind-spots

Our solution helps businesses to unravel the intricate web of an enterprise, identifying relationships, interconnections and dependencies while eliminating blind spots.

OConect - identifying and removing work duplication efforts
Reduce work duplication

Empowered business leaders optimizing and leveraging pivotal organisational
data, identifying work effort
duplication, bottlenecks,
and steering innovation.

"OConect is the first enterprise-business architecture SaaS solution that I have seen that is specifically designed to tackle the issues that a whole-enterprise architecture will most need to address. These include the links between strategy and execution; the connected relationships between all elements of the architecture and the respective business-owners of those elements". 

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targeted business impact analysis

Business impact analysis

Instantly run transformation and change analysis to identify key areas for business impact, the extent of impact and accurately identify stakeholders for collaboration and project inclusion.

OCOnect collaboration with BIA
Collaborate & Share

Empowering domain experts to co-design and develop the business architecture once, maintained in a collaborative, connected real-time enterprise ecosystem for sharable insights.

pinpoint Stakeholders

Ensure accountability and minimize the risk of having “self-appointed” people involved in project planning by accurate identification of  decision makers, requirement sources & collaborators.

Single Source of Truth
Single source of truth

BIA is your “Single Source of Truth” pulled directly from your mapping data.  Easy to run and generate comprehensive and sharable change impact reports,   maximising adoption and buyin.

empowered employees. better insights

Who better at understanding business needs than business themselves.

Empowering employees in the  process of connecting your enterprise entities is key to success.

1Employees closer to the front lines have a better understanding of business needs and priorities.

2With accurate data they can add valuable insights into  decisions, innovation, and improve efficiency.

3Empowering employees with OConect ensures that your business is connected  through to your value chain.

co-designed and sharable process mapping

efficient process mapping

Streamline business processes with a dedicated module for process mapping. Oconect’s “Business Friendly” Process Mapping module enhances operational visibility and control.

Processing Mapping OConect
No sticky notes

We have simplified the hell out of process mapping so that anyone  can map your processes simply, intuitively and stored digitally. Create tasks, add conditions, keep notes, drag and drop into order.

Co-design Process Mapping Flows
sharable common

 Rigorous security protocols and seamless integration with most API’s providing a secure central platform for teams  to access, processes, organisational and project data.

Sharable common data - OConect

With each Module tailored for co-design, Process Mapping can be shared and updated by people from the areas of the business who use the proccess or are impacted by any changes to the flow.

Additional Modules Coming Soon!

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