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Meet The OConect Team

We are thrilled to be building an “Army of OConectors” who will take charge of their business data and enjoy the benefits of being self-sufficient, without the need to rely on IT. Here at our team, we really value the concept of “Business Empowerment NOT IT Control.” 

This is a philosophy we believe in for the future. Our diverse team works together in harmony, tapping into each other’s unique expertise to get the job done. We love to support each other, and enjoy having a good laugh as well. Our main aim is to ensure that decision makers, ICT, and business teams always have access to good data at the right time.

Sarah Jane Runge CEO and Founder ORGArchitect with a mission to build a market for the "Army of Orgarchitects"

Sarah Jane Runge

Sarah is our visionary CEO. Always pushing for out-of-the-box thinking, Sarah knows how to raise the bar from ordinary to extraordinary.

A two-time SaaS co-founder, Sarah has a built a wealth of experience and a diverse skill set from operations manaagement to SEO and marketing, through to process control and international expansion while building her startups and mentoring others while living in Asia for 10 years.

Sarah became fascinated with Root Cause Identification at a young age when her dad, who was an internal auditor, told her why a truck had an accident on a route the driver shouldn't have been on, just to save the cost of a postage stamp. Since 2006, Sarah has been analysing ICT project failures and poor government decisions and even wrote a whole book on the topic. Sarah is passionate about improving data quality and the role that outdated Enterprise Architecture methodologies play in inadvertantly exacerbating issues.

mark Runge

Mark is our phenomenal CRO .

Mark is always on top of any and every new tech innovation. He prides himself on being up to date with the rapidly changing tech landscape,  which as the CRO always helps identifying new ways to improve our SaaS and open up new markets. He has a velcro brain full of information from the solar system to ancient history and everything in between. 

Mark is a two time SaaS startup co-founder, systems architect, and full stack and .NET developer. He has spent his career working with the likes of Microsoft, Oracle, Hitachi Data Systems, and Pegasystems negotiating multi-million dollar sales and the implementation and licensing agreements.

Mark Runge CTO Orgarchitect and building the "army of orgarchitects"

Scott Taylor Beech

Scotty is our youngest team member and our boy wonder. He is our lead software engineer, BSE, geek and tech wizard in AI, cybersecurity, and other leading-edge technology.

Scott lives in New Zealand and, as a typical Gen-Z zoomer, loves geocaching and is a fanatical gamer in his spare time.

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