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Oconect V Legacy EA Platforms

OConect has been designed and created with the business in mind. We strive to ensure that your experience is smooth, ease of use, quick setup and stunning insights.
No jargon, no fluff, just a realtime enterprise  ecosystem with fresh data on tap.
Below are our key differentiators all using our “Secret Sauce” to make it happen in a Flash.

Our features that make your business really connected What You Get With Out-Date Legacy Enterprise Architectures (EA) 
Data Driven Enterprise Mapping Currently EA models rely on some form of freestyle UML (boxes and lines to be drawn) to identify and denote enterprise relationships between people, systems, apps, processes, departments etc. There are some 3rd party APPS and SaaS that do this, but it is still a manual or arduous process to identify relationships and interconnectedness.
Real-time organisational data Current EA platforms are notoroious for providing static data and information that requires significant time and effort to update.
Decentralized Architecture Still utilizes a Centralized Architecture model where power of control is within ICT departments rather than business.
Democratised data Still heavily based on silos of business critical data that reside within ICT or within power play units within the organization.
Data reliability Typically a very low data reliability due to data being derived from current EA models which is not being updated in real-time, and the accuracy and completeness often needs to be cross checked or garnered from other data sources.
Eliminates Data Downtime Currently Enterprise Architecture data can be partial, error prone, missing, or not accessible to parties for data driven collaboration and decision making when they need it.
Business & ICT ownership All enterprise data is currently generated, sourced, owned and gated by the ICT department making it incredibly frustrating to business to access and putting the onus on IT to keep updated.
Cost efficient Incredibly expensive to setup enterprise architecture, maintain it and use it for scenario planning across the organization.
AI  Inference Engine  No. Current EA platforms still require lines and boxes in order to deduce relationships and interdependicies between entities.
Collaborative ecosystem Does not support cross enterprise collaboration from within the EA platform where data is sharable or visible within a business lens.
Accurate sources for user and business requirements A high risk of requirents being garnered from either the wrong sources or someone who thinks they know better than the correct user or stakeholder.
API vulnerability alerts No.

Decentralized architecture

Decentralization or decentralisation is the process by which the activities of an organization, particularly those regarding planning and decision making, are distributed or delegated away from a central, authoritative location or group

democratized data

Data democratization is when an organization makes data accessible to all employees and stakeholders, and educates them on how to work with data, regardless of their technical background. Plainly put, the “data” in data democratization is any information you could potentially gather about your business or organization.

Cybernated architecture

The automatic control of a process or operation by means of computers. AI driven and relationship intuition enables Orgarchitect to understand and report on your business interconnectedness down to your external customers and API’s.


Data reliability means that data is complete and accurate, and it is a crucial foundation for building data trust across the organization. Ensuring data reliability is one of the main objectives of data integrity initiatives, which are also used to maintain data security, data quality, and regulatory compliance.

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