better connected
than an
insta influencer

OConect - designing a connected organization

better decisions made faster

Data has nowhere to hide with OConect. Silos become better connected than an Insta Influencer. The single source of truth ensures accuracy and end-to-end visibility. This means, better decisions made faster, saving a ton of money, time and resources.

better Connected. better visibility

Enterprise Mapping with OConect creates instant enterprise wide visibility in realtime. Imagine it like this: if you were to paint a few metres of your house white, and suddenly the whole house was white?  Instantly. Is that a dream worth pursuing? Apply that to updating data in one place and having it update everywhere. Instantly

enteprise mapping visualizer from OConect
enterprise wide visibility with oconect

know the impact of change

 A single change from one department, is instantly deployed and visible across the platform, erasing wasted resources, time, and effort.

With an "always connected" enterprise you can run a Business Impact Analysis anytime to identify proposed change impact and you know darn-well it's accurate.

identify duplication & redundancies

So many businesses lose time, money, and reputation over problems with silos, lost data, work duplication and system redundancies. So, we decided to build a collaborative, transparent , drag and drop Process Mapping tool - for even more visibility across how your processes work.

Process Mapping - OConect

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