More capabilities
than a 
swiss army knife

OConect - designing a connected organization

boosting productivity

OConect delivers the Swiss Army Knife of the SaaS world. With multi-visibility capabilities we deliver end-to-end visibility for planning and better decisions made faster.

And our "T.E.C.K" paradigm: Transparency, Empowerment, Collaboration, and Knowledge-harnessing supports a shared organizational vision.

harness employee Knowledge

OConect’s revolutionary platform  achieves total data cohesion by leveraging and connecting the knowledge of your "Army of  Domain Experts". Capture employee's domain knowledge, connect it, visualize it and REUSE it in a realtime ecosystem.

harness employee knowledge in your enterprise mapping
enterprise wide visibility with oconect

the swiss army knife of saas

How often do Org Charts show managers in old roles or who’ve left the company? No more! Half of the challenge in undertaking Transformation and Business Impact Analysis is finding the right stakeholders.

"Always Connected" means data is uptodate, on tap.

process mapping capabilities

Our process mapping module is going to take you from Star to Super Star. Just a few capabilities include movable tasks, identifies task type, task grouping, add multi departments and systems to tasks, comments, last edited by, collaborate with other domain experts,  export and print your process maps. 

Process Mapping - OConect

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