more reusable 
than a
sandwich bag

forget single use, static data

OConect - designing a connected organization

 Reusable organisational data delivers massive savings, from time, money, data collation errors, and employee sanity from repetitive tasks. Staff are your best resource, so harness their domain expertise rather than filling digital filing cabinets with single use, stale data.

reusable business architecture

enterprise wide visibility with oconect

OConect business architecture SaaS connects  enterprises end-to-end with complete and reusable components that are always  up todate, accessible and shareable.  Our Data Driven organisational mapping means if  info is updated in one place it automatically gets deployed across the organisation.

identify change impact & save a ton

enteprise mapping visualizer from OConect

By creating end-to-end visibility right through to external value chain customers, domain experts can go from talking about a transformation idea to understanding the total Business Impact Analysis (BIA) within minutes saves a ton of time, money and guessing. 

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