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OConect's data driven, prebuilt business architecture solution  connects your org structure, people, systems, processes, applications and external customers to identify how each is interconnected, helping you to quickly planand navigate change and accelerate transformation. Visualization dashboard reports give instant insights into interconnections.

Your choice - static data or always on

Before OConect

After OConect

Before OConect Reusable Business Architecture After you've connected your organisation using OConect business architecture

rapid "Time to Value" business architecture

Ease of use drives up productivity
Fast results for better decision faster
Reusable components saves a ton
Always available realtime data
Automation saves valuable resources

Easy to use & fast results say Customers

  • Business architecture has never been this intuitive or business friendly to use since the swiss army knife.
  • A data driven, jargon-free  interface that you’ll love working with. 
  • Infact setup via CSV upload or manually add data is a one off task. It’s so easy and quick it took our latest customer 2 days to setup! 
  • Once their business data was setup they rapidly mapped all of their processes to identify work duplication and system redundancies – all within weeks.
  • Toggle between enterprise mapping, process mapping and change impact analysis modules to instantly get reports and insights to share, collaborate and drive better decisions about transformation.
  • But don’t take our word, read their review of OConect!

collaborate, share & empower

Harness expertise & speed up outcomes by inviting peers to collaborate and edit.

reusable components deliver Rapid TTV

Whether you’re the CIO, CFO or the domain expert, the savings and “Speed to Value” of a reusable business architecture is absolutely massive, from:

  • Pre-built enterprise entities allow domain experts to input their data once and easily update it as needed.
  • Accelerating digital transformation projects.
  • Better insights for faster planning decisions.
  • More time to spend on analysing and planning.
  • Collaborative, co-design, scalable and reusable. WOW

Always on. always available. always up to date

The power of giving employees access to real-time data or in-time does everyone a massive favour.

  • Less waiting & more doing: Better quality data, better decisions faster.
  • Improves employee morale: reduces frustration, empowers teams.
  • Cost Savings: reduces lag between requesting and receiving data.
  • Insight analytics: identify operational changes & impact instantly.
  • Cross departmental collaboration: updating and collaborating with a single source of the truth makes execution 10x faster.
  • Continuous improvements: update data and track changes by users.

Reduce regretful spend

Automating business architecture with reusable components and “always-on data” creates enterprise-wide visibility, significantly reducing wasted resources and regretful spending.

  • Reduced monthly resources spent on finding, collating, and replicating previous architecture versions.
  • Self-service reports based on accurate data significantly reduces reliance on third party consultants.
  • Seemless cross functional collaboration.
  • Enables the whole enterprise to align strategically and operationally.
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