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The Value Of A Business Impact Analysis

Generating a BIA

By leveraging OConect, companies can perform comprehensive BIAs with ease and precision.

Our seamlessly integrated business architecture and analysis tools empower both technical teams and business professionals to undertake a Business Impact Aanalysis on-demand, as simply as clicking a button.


better connected. better data. better BIA

Using OConect’s suite of business architecture tools, all your data is connected and available in real-time. This ensures that when you run a BIA, the reports you receive are accurate and reflect any recent updates made by your teams.

BIA Reports

With comprehensive reports available in several Dynamic Report formats or for importing into your other systems, teams can quickly and easily identify and identify and evaluate any potential disruptions to their operations, providing clear insights into the enterprise-wide impact.

OConect accurately identifies and reports which enterprise entities, stakeholders, technologies, processes, or customers are most critical to collaboration, decision-making, and requirement sources, based on your enterprise mapping and business architecture.

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