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realtime business architecture is key for great data

When planning for transformation and change, your success begins with the  quality of your business architecture.

Gone are the days of business or enterprise architects strolling  around with clipboards to find stakeholders, org charts to identify process owners or SME's and thousands of spreadsheets to collate your data .  

However, if this sounds familiar , we need to talk.

Empowering & Elevating

In this day and age, business architecture solutions needs to be transparent, intuitive to use, deliver rapid results,  quality data, sharable insights and foster collaboration across the enterprise.

The power of a "single source of truth" and harnessing the knowledge of your employees is to empower and elevate employees to become the experts that they are.

business architecture begins with enterprise mapping

Enteprise Mapping begins with connecting all of your Organisational data (core business entities)  such as: branches, functions, departments, systems, processes, app,s people, and external value chain customers and suppliers. that describes a business’s core entities.

Business and enterprise architects use this data to to identify how each entity connects and relates to each other to identify the impact of “Change” across the business and to accurately identify people, SME’s and stakeholders for collaboration and decison making.

Our unique AI and data driven approach to enterprise mapping enables business architects to achieve outstanding results within days rather than months, saving organisations thousands of dollars, months of time and resource hours.

Our secret sauce automates the time-consuming and mundane tasks that business architects or business analysts are required to undertake to manually find and map entities, data, systems, process owners and employees using “lines and boxes” during mapping process.

Getting started with OConect for business architecture and enterprise mapping is easy, intutive and quick.

Either upload your data using CSV, enter your data manually or import via API.

We do all of the behind the scenes matching and connecting of entities.

Once your data is populated/uploaded all you need to do is keep the ecosystem platform up to date. We highly recommend using our “Invitation” system to invite and appoint domain experts or SME’s to edit or collaborate on their domain data as they know the “day to day” changes across their domains.

Once you’ve mapped your entire organisation you can instantly create great data visualizations or simple reports to analyse your entire organizational blueprint of connections.

Once your enterprise mapping is complete you can use our BIA “Business Impact Analysis” module (included in the core modules for free) to run scenarios and reports to identify areas of impact of proposed change.

create, collaborate & share your story

OConect's data driven, reusable business architecture SaaS uses enterprise mapping to connect your org structure, people, systems, processes, applications and external customers to identify how each is interconnected. This helps you to quickly plan and navigate change and accelerate transformation. Dynamic dashboard reports give instant insights into impact, stakeholders and more. While our three core B.I.A. reports, (Stakeholders, Interconnected Processes and Organization Impact Maps) deliver relevant entity relationship data.

Dynamic "Sankey" Reports

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