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With an enterprise-wide view of all entities and stakeholders, our unique system empowers business domain experts to become the Business Architects of your enterprise. Incorporating a data-driven approach, OConect automatically maps all enterprise entities, identifying relationships and connecting dependencies to explain the impacts of proposed system & process transformation changes.

Until recently, Business Architecture capabilities have resided within ICT, with proposed business process transformation projects delivering costly and time consuming single-use reports. By empowering business units with real-time collaborative online data, business staff are assigned roles for maintaining their unit’s business data. This effectively democratizes data used by the OConect modules in delivering accurate, always up to date business analytics and reports.

OConect enables the construction of data driven models that are readily maintained via an always-on, real-time enterprise ecosystem that provides access to a vast array of real-time analytics and actionable insights.

Based on live and accurate data, teams create and simulate a variety of proposed business transformation scenarios. With the inclusion of clearly identified stakeholders and subject matter experts who know and understand the potential impacts of changes to their business processes, the testing of various options to identify potential opportunities, costs, and risks is conducted with greater precision, ease, and confidence.

Intuitive and insightful process mapping diagrams allows for collaborative identification of redundant, duplicated, and misaligned process tasks (or steps). This provides businesses with an enterprise-wide view of cross-functional processes. For a more detailed analysis of the various roles and functions involved in a process, individual process tasks can also be grouped into sub-processes.

OConect strives to deliver exceptional client service and product support augmented by in-built user guides and product tours. The combined effect of this approach is that non-technical business architects typically configure OConect into full production within days not weeks.

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