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Is Your Digital Transformation Stuck in the Slow Lane?


The success of your Digital Transformation relies on three key factors:

So, if your business is undertaking digital transformation, why wouldn’t you use enterprise mapping tools to ensure speed, accessibility, and accuracy of your enterprise data?

We’ve worked with so many organisations and enterprise architects who still use boxes and lines to map their enterprise architecture. You don’t need us to tell you how slow and expensive that is, and more importantly, how inaccurate that data can be without months and months of verification and cross-referencing. 

Even after all that work and time is spent to pull together a data set, there’s always the risk that it will be outdated by the time it gets to the decision makers. Current Enterprise Architecture platforms are so ill-equipped to adapt to the rapidly changing digital world, you might as well be steering a horse and carriage through rush-hour traffic. 

Why would you invest so much time, effort, and money in an archaic platform that does not give you real-time, accurate data? Because until now, there’s been no better option.

The past is for reflection and the future is now

It’s our mission to disrupt the status quo and do away with the old-fashioned boxes and lines of the 80’s. OConect is committed to delivering modern tools for modern problems to save you from the costly realities of project delivery failure.

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