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Welcome to OConect. We are offering some great incentives for our early customers including Product tours of our 3 Modules, a free trial account, the opportunity to request “wish list” features, and the chance to provide feedback that will help to shape the future of our product developments

Three products to take you from guessing to knowing

1. EM - Enterprise Mapping - the basis of enteprise architecture: This is where we beging to connect your organization end-to-end right down to your external value chain customers. Connecting the organization means that you eliminate any enterprise-wide blindspots, reduce work duplication. PLUS the data is real-time and easily accessible so can enjoy a collaborative ecosystem.

2. BIA - Business Impact Analysis: Being abel to run change scenarios to understand the impact across the organization before making a change is priceless. Being able to accurately identify and segment the correct stakeholders to be involved into collaboration sources, decision makers, requirement sources etc is absolute GOLD.  

3. PM - Process Mapping: We're all about simplification and plain busienss speak. OConect PM is  intuitve to use for business or IT. One click to enter the steps in your process (like a brain dump), create dependencies, create Yes/No questions, leave comments and drag and drop into order.  Collaborators can also hop in to make changes.

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